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You're a banana-shaped ghost living in a dilapidated old house, help the lost visitor to escape from it and avoid multiple holes by scaring him! Travel around 16 rooms to reach the end of the game.

Controls : press any button to pass title & end screens, use directions to move banana ghost and B to scare the visitor.

This was my first projet on the platform, made in C using cc65, an chipper for the sound.

Version history:

  • v 0.2: Add functions:
    • reset
    • flip screen
    • ingame pause
  • v 0.1: Party version

Install instructions

This game was to use on Atari Lynx game console, use emulator or a flashcard to play on real hardware (Untested atm, I don't have one)


banana_ghost_v02.zip 31 kB
banana_ghost_v01.zip 31 kB


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I really like the idea of this game, especially the meta-controls, it's very cool. The music is very nice too. The only improvements I would suggest is not using the default CC65 font.

Thank you :)

Honestly I think the music was too short and I was scared it was too repetitive! 

I give a try to change the font, that's a good exercice. :)

Cool original concept! A little more control over scaring the visitor would make it a more balanced challenge. I guess the position of the traps and visitor are randomly set? I was at level 10 when the visitor was placed between two traps making it impossible to win. 

Thanks for your remarks. :)

The holes positions are random in a restricted zone (in the center of the room) to avoid to get one hole in a front of one door, there is also a test to don't spawn the visitor in a hole. I choosed to make the visitor's trajectory unmodifiable as long as he was scared to avoid to modify constantly it, Imo makes the chalenge more balanced, but that's all about gameplay tuning. ;)

That's a simple but very original concept. Kind of Ghostbusters but  reversed :) What I would love to see is maybe some traps to avoid, and also  more precise control because there were a few occasions where I missed the door by a pixel and the guy bounced away and ended in a trap. A solid basis nevertheless for a full game :)


I made quick and dirty choices for the "party version", I hope to got time to make tuning on gameplay before the final release.