A downloadable game

Beer Girl Stadium
A game for PC Engine / TurboGrafx
Subition for AGBIC game Jam 2016

Warning :

bgs_agbic.pce is a rom image, so you need to use an emulatior or real hardware + flashcard to play.
Tested succesfully with mednafen and coregrafx+TurboEverdrive.

Story :
Your the Beer Girl Stadium, you have to serve the maximum of supporters before they loose patience, they stand up and run randomlly accorss the grandstand.
If one of them hit you, you instantly have to restart your work. ;)

How to play :
run : start the game
dirrections : moves
Button I : serve

Tools used to make the game :
Compiler : huc / PCEAS
Graphics : GIMP2 & Grafx2
Audio library : Squirrel by Aetherbyte
Map editor : mapwin

Credits :
Original concept & design by HoKKaido.
Code, Graphics & Music by Bjorn.

Personal gretz to :
Cr30s, Fra, n_Arno and every others retro console devs!


bgs_agbic_v01.zip 20 kB